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Focus on just the text, increase font size, and toggle dyslexia font

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Use Immersive Reader to listen and read with minimal distractions. It extracts only relevant text from the webpage, ignoring images and caption text.

While using Immersive Reader, you can increase the size of the text as well as toggle line spacing and Dyslexia Font.

  1. Go to the webpage you wish to read

  2. Launch the extension by clicking on NaturalReader's logo from your pinned extensions or selecting NaturalReader from your extension list

  3. Select Immersive Reader

  4. Click on Tt icon to the left to access Immersive Reader's features

  5. Press Play to listen

  • Text Size: increase the size of the text

  • Text Spacing: toggle adding a bit more space between each line

  • Dyslexia Font: turn Dyslexia Font on or off

  • Blur Text: blurs all other text aside from what is being currently read aloud by the extension:

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