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Listen while you edit in Google Docs, OneDrive, and Microsoft Office Online with NaturalReader's Chrome Extension

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You can listen from word processing websites like Google Docs, OneDrive, and Microsoft Office with NaturalReader's Chrome extension, and even while you're still editing.

Note that highlighting by individual words is not supported when reading directly from word processing websites like GoogleDocs.

If you are reading from Google Drive, highlighting of the sentence and word and auto-tracking text are not supported while in Google Drive’s preview mode. We recommend opening and reading the document in Google Docs instead.

How do I read from the beginning?

  1. Visit Google Docs, OneDrive, or your favourite online word processing site

  2. Open the document you wish to read from. If you open a document from Google Drive, select Open with Google Docs

  3. Launch the extension by clicking on NaturalReader's logo from your pinned extensions, or selecting NaturalReader from your extension list

  4. Click on any text to begin listening or click the Play button to begin listening from the start of the document

How do I read only certain parts of the document?

Due to Google Doc's recent changes on how they do text rendering, Highlight-to-Read may not work with listening with Google Docs. Instead, after launching the extension, just click on any text to begin reading from there.

By default, this Click-to-Read feature will be on. You can toggle this from the settings.

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