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Due to the wide variety of webpage formatting, we cannot guarantee that the extension will always work with every single webpage. However, most up-to-date websites are supported.

It is also common for premium websites, like eLearning, online subscriptions (eg. news), or other content that requires login or payment to access, to block third party services, like our extension, from accessing their content as a security feature.

It is recommended to try the extension first with your favourite websites with a free account prior to committing to a subscription.

If you run into any errors on websites that worked previously, go to Settings > Other Settings, Help & Contact > Reset NaturalReader. If the error continues, try reinstalling the extension.

Sometimes an error might occur when an update is released, which can be fixed by reinstalling the extension.

You can also submit a bug report by going to Settings > Other Settings, Help & Contact > Send Feedback or by emailing us at It’s best to include a link to the webpage, a complete description of the error, steps to recreate the error, and the voice settings. The more details, the better.

Please keep in mind that our team cannot directly debug issues from websites that require premium access to enter, such as eLearning sites or subscription-based services.

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