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Web App - Uploading Document Files

How to upload .pdf, .txt, .doc(x), .pages, .odt, .ppt(x), .ods, and non-DRM .epub documents to the desktop web app

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Upload document files to read and listen to directly with NaturalReader Online's desktop web app.

Read and listen directly from an uploaded document file. Note that some .pdf files (scanned PDFs) are image files that require OCR to listen to. Supported document file types are .pdf, .txt, .doc(x), .pages, .odt, .ppt(x), .ods, and non-DRM .epub.

  1. Select Add Files from the side menu

  2. Select Document

  3. Locate and select a document from your computer

  4. Select Open to upload the file

  5. Press Play to listen


  1. Locate a document file from your computer

  2. Click, drag, and drop the selected file to the text box

  3. Press Play to listen

Tip: Scanned PDFs are not accessible, meaning that the file does not contain metadata information about the text to extract and listen to. Since they are scanned, they exists only as a visual image. These PDF files need OCR to convert them into a readable format.

Use drag & drop to upload multiple document files at once.

  1. Locate the document file from your computer

  2. Use the cursor to select, drag, and drop the files to the text box

  3. The first document will open automatically, or select Open next to the document you wish to listen to from the upload window.

  4. Press Play to listen

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