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Web App - Reading Added Text

Read and save uploaded text, adjust text size, search & replace, and toggle dyslexia font with typed-in text using the desktop web app

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Reading toolbar features available with uploaded text that is typed or pasted directly to the app to read and listen to.

Toolbar options will differ if you're reading from an uploaded file (eg. pdf) or if you're reading from uploaded text (text you've typed or pasted in directly to the app).

The toolbar will appear after uploading the file.

Aside from the usual keyboard shortcut for pasting (CTRL + V), you can also simply click on Paste to paste in your saved text.

Save any typed-in text to your Library so you can continue to edit or read from it later. Simply click on Save to add it to your Library.

Increase or decrease the font size for typed-in text.

  1. Select Text Preferences

  2. Next to Text Size, use + and – to increase or decrease the font size

Toggle Text Spacing to add a bit of space between the characters of text.

  1. Select Text Preferences

  2. Click the toggle next to Text Spacing

Turn Dyslexia Font on or off for typed-in text.

  1. Select Text Preferences

  2. Click the toggle next to Dyslexia Font

Replace a word or sentence with another word or sentence using the Search & Replace feature.

  1. Open the Settings

  2. Select Search & Replace

  3. Type in the word or sentence to search for instances in the text

  4. Click Expand to access the Replace settings

  5. Type in the word/sentence you'd like to replace your search query

  6. Select whether to apply the replacement to all instances or only the selected instance

  7. Close to exit

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