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Highlight, autoscroll, dark mode, and volume settings in the desktop web app

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You can toggle Word Highlight to change whether each individual word are highlighted while they are being read aloud. By default this setting is ON.

  1. Open the Settings

  2. Click to toggle the switch next to Word Highlight

When Word Highlight is OFF, then only the current sentence is highlighted while the speaker is reading.

Change the Highlight Colour to blue, green, yellow, or purple.

  1. Open the Settings

  2. Click to Highlight Colour from the drop-down menu

  3. Exit to save the setting


When Auto Scroll is turned on, the app will automatically scroll down the document as it is being read aloud by the speaker.

  1. Open the Settings

  2. Click the switch next to Auto Scroll to turn the setting on or off

If you manually scroll away from the current page being read aloud, you can click on Back to Reading to return to the current page.

You can toggle Dark Mode from the Settings. This changes the interface display setting only. The background colour of uploaded documents cannot be altered.

  1. Open the Settings

  2. Click to toggle Dark Mode

You can adjust the app's volume level from the Settings. By default it's at 75%.

  1. Open the Settings

  2. Click + and – to increase or decrease the volume level

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