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School Owner, Teachers, and Students user role privileges and how to change user roles

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There are 3 user types in NaturalReader EDU: Owner, Teacher, and Student. All users have access to the same text-to-speech features but only Owners and Teachers can access the EDU Management Settings. Keep in mind that the Owner as well as all Teacher or Student users count towards your user total.

Below is an overview of key features and allowances.

School Owner

When you open up an EDU School account or purchase an EDU subscription, you become the Owner of your EDU School.

If you are on a subscription, as the Owner, only you may cancel or renew your EDU School's subscription from your own Account Billing Settings. For the EDU Management Settings, only the Owner can create or delete a Class.

If you need to transfer ownership of your EDU School to a new Owner, please send us a request to transfer.

  1. While logged in to the mobile app for iOS or Android, tap Account

  2. Tap EDU Management

  3. Tap ☰ to open the user menu

  4. Tap School Information

  5. Tap Request Transfer Ownership and follow the instructions

Like Teachers, Owners can also invite or delete users or change user roles.


Users designated as Teachers also have an admin-like role and can access the EDU Management Settings. Like the Owner, they may also invite and delete users or change users' roles or upload to the EDU Library. They cannot create or delete Class lists however.

Owners or Teachers can change a user's role from the EDU Management Settings.

  1. While logged in to the mobile app for iOS or Android, tap Account

  2. Tap EDU Management. By default it will open to the Member List

  3. Tap Class in the top right corner and select the Class the user belongs to

  4. Next to the user's email, tap Options

  5. Tap Set as Teacher or Set as Student


The option for EDU Management Settings is disabled for Student users so they cannot toggle those settings in any way, view or manage subscription settings, or view Class member lists. They can access, but not contribute to, shared documents the Owner or a Teacher adds to their Class' EDU Library. By default, users invited through a Join Code or users invited by sending a batch invite email are designated to Student user roles.

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