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Mobile App - Scan to Text

Capture a page image and convert with OCR for files containing images, skipped text, or unrecognized columns

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Capture a page image and convert with OCR. If an uploaded document contains no accessible text at all, OCR is triggered automatically after pressing play to convert it to a readable format. But some documents may have a mix of accessible and inaccessible text so the OCR cannot be triggered. Or there might be skipped text or unrecognized columns that you want to correct using Scan-to-Text.

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  1. Select the document from your Library or select Add to upload a document

  2. Open the Settings

  3. Tap Scan to Text

  4. Tap Next

  5. Use the drop-down menu to select the language the text is in

  6. Select a page rage

  7. Tap Convert Now

  8. When it's done converting, tap Open Now

  9. Tap Play to listen

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