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How to save Highlights and add Annotations to your uploaded documents

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Our new Annotation feature allows you to add and save annotations to your uploaded document files and optionally add your own notes to the annotation. The saved annotation will be highlighted in the document.

Go to the Edit Annotations settings to view, delete, or change the colour of the highlights or modify, edit, or delete your notes. You can also export your annotations to a txt file for you to reference or study from.

Save Annotation

  1. Upload a document file or open a document from your account Library

  2. While listening to your document, select the Annotation icon at any time to save a highlight to your current text

Add Notes

  1. After adding a highlight, you can click on the pop-up 'Edit or Add Note' to quickly add a note to the annotation you just saved

  2. Or, open the Settings by clicking on 3 dots from the menu

  3. Select Edit Annotations

  4. Scroll to the annotation you'd like to add a note to and select the Note icon

  5. Type in your notes and select Add to save

  6. You can add multiple notes to the same highlight. Click the Note icon again to add another note

Editing Annotations, Highlight Colour, and Notes

Go to Edit Annotations from the Settings menu to view, edit, delete, or change the colour of your saved highlights or view, edit, add or delete your notes. You can also export your annotation with their notes to a txt file.

  1. Open the Settings by clicking on 3 dots from the menu (top right)

  2. Select Edit Annotations

  3. Your annotations are listed oldest to newest and includes the date and time it was added. You can also press Play next to an annotation to listen to the highlighted text.
    Scroll to the highlight/note you'd like to modify

  4. Click on the colours to change the colour of the highlight

  5. Click on an existing note to edit the text. Select the checkmark to save your changes or the delete button to delete the note entirely

  6. Select the note icon to add a note to the highlight (you can also add multiple notes to the same highlight). Select Add to save the note

  7. Select the Delete icon to delete the highlight. If there are notes attached to the highlight, they will be deleted too.

  8. Export your annotations by selecting Export to download a txt file. It will include the annotation details, such as notes attached to it, the date & time the annotation was created, and the page number. This feature is currently only available while using the online desktop app. Export is not available on mobile.

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