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About NaturalReader and personal use, what apps are included, supported devices, and supported file formats

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What is NaturalReader AI Text to Speech?

NaturalReader's AI Text to Speech platform is a text to speech tool that converts text, documents, images, and webpages into audio for personal use. It includes the personal web app, mobile app, and Chrome extension.

For non-personal use, check out our commercial version AI Voice Generator.

Access to the NaturalReader AI Text to Speech platform is included with a Premium, Plus, or EDU subscription. It includes the personal web app, mobile app, and Chrome extension.

NaturalReader's personal apps use text-to-speech technology to convert any text into natural-sounding audio so our users can listen instead of reading. The most popular uploads from our users are for converting PDFs, textbooks, scanned PDFs, and listening to internet articles with the Chrome extension.

Our applications work with almost any document type including PDF, txt, doc(x), ppt(x), pages, ods, odt, and non-DRM epub files.

​What is personal use?

All voices in the AI Text to Speech version are licensed for personal use only. This includes all Premium and Plus voices used with a Premium, Plus, or EDU subscription.

Personal use means that only you (the user) can use any audio created with the voices for your own private use. If the audio is redistributed or shared in any way (eg sending the mp3 to others, posting the audio online, using the audio in online content, using the audio to create videos, etc), then it is no longer personal use.

For commercial use, check out our AI Voice Generator.

What's included with a Premium, Plus, or EDU subscription?

A Premium, Plus, or EDU subscription includes access to the personal version web app, mobile app for iOS & Android, and the Chrome extension.

As an online app, you can login it use your account from any supported device.

A subscription to the personal version does not include access to the commercial version AI Voice Generator.

Visit here for a full list of features.

Supported Devices and Browsers

NaturalReader's desktop apps are browser-based so you can login to it right from our website using the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge and from Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computers.

The app is not specifically tested for use on alternative browsers, but generally works normally with other Chromium-based browsers.

The mobile app is supported on iOS and Android mobile devices or tablets using the latest operating system available.

Please be sure to keep your browser and operating systems up-to-date. Older versions may be unstable or unsupported.

Supported File Types

NaturalReader's personal apps support most document file formats, including:

pdf*, txt, non-DRM epub, doc(x), ppt(x), xls(x), numbers, pages, png*, jpeg*, key, csv, odt, ods, odp, html, rtf, xlt, psd, bmp, xml, svg, cdr, eps, psw, dot, and tiff

*Image-based files must be converted first using OCR, available with a subscription. Some PDF files may be scanned or otherwise inaccessible, so would require OCR conversion.

DRM-protected ebooks cannot be uploaded directly to NaturalReader. DRM "Digital Rights Management" is a security feature intended to prevent the unauthorized redistribution of digital media. This prevents any third party programs from opening DRM-protected file types. Most ebooks purchased directly from vendors are DRM-protected, including those from iBooks or Kindle.

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