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NaturalReader AI Voice Generator - TTS Limits
NaturalReader AI Voice Generator - TTS Limits

About TTS (text to speech) limits for commercial voices

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When you subscribe to the commercial version AI Voice Generator, you are limited in how much text you can convert into audio. These limits are the same regardless if you are on a monthly or yearly plan or if you're on a Single or Team subscription. There are 3 types of commercial voices: standard AI voices and LLM voices. LLM voices include both Multi-Lingual Voices and Cloned Voices.

TTS (Text-to-Speech) Limitations for Paid Users

Keep track of your daily TTS Usage by going to Account > Daily TTS Usage. Voices in the language setting are categorized as AI or LLM.

  • 1 million characters/user/day using AI Voices

  • 100,000 characters/user/day using LLM (Multi-Lingual or Cloned) Voices, to the maximum of 300,000 characters/user/month

Spaces, punctuation, numbers, and special characters are all counted towards your character limits. Daily character limits reset at 12:00 UTC. Monthly character limits reset on the first of each month.

If you edit your text or settings, the audio must be re-converted so all characters in the edited section will be re-counted.

After adding text to the app, if you edit that text in any way, all the characters in that text segment are re-counted towards your character limit. Characters are also re-counted when you change settings, such as changing the voice or speed.

The following features are not supported by LLM Voices:
- SSML tagging (Advanced Tunes)
- Using phonetic characters (IPA) in the Pronunciation Editor

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