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About NaturalReader AI Voice Generator and commercial use, what is included, and supported devices

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What is NaturalReader AI Voice Generator?

NaturalReader’s commercial version AI Voice Generator is a text to speech tool that converts text into audio for commercial use. As a web application, it works right from your browser.

The AI Voice Generator is a stand alone service and does not include access to our personal version apps (personal web app, mobile app, and Chrome extension). For personal use, check out NaturalReader’s personal version AI Text to Speech.

NaturalReader’s commercial app uses text-to-speech technology to convert text into natural-sounding audio for any non-personal or commercial use. The most popular use cases for our AI Voice Generator includes narration for Youtube or training videos, eLearning content, automated messages or announcements, and creating marketing content or ads.

The app works by typing or pasting text directly into it to convert into audio. AI Voice Generator does not support document upload or using API.

What is commercial use?

If you are redistributing audio content or otherwise using it for anything that is not personal use, that audio must be licensed for commercial use. Personal use means that only you (the user) are using the audio content for your own private purposes.

Commercial use means that the audio content will be redistributed, shared, or used for any purposes relating to supporting a service, business, or organization.

The AI Voice Generator’s voices are commercially licensed, so you can use the audio content for Youtube or training videos, eLearning content, automated messages or announcements, marketing or ads, and much more.

For personal use, check out our AI Text to Speech apps or read more about them here.

What’s included with a Single or Team subscription?

A subscription to AI Voice Generator includes the commercial version app only. As an online app, you can login to use your account from any supported desktop device or browser.

It does not include access to the personal version’s web and mobile app or Chrome extension.

A Single plan includes 1-user access. If you need more users, Team plans are available from 2-20 users.

Supported Devices and Browsers

AI Voice Generator is browser-based so you can login to it right from our website using the latest browser versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge and from Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computers.

The app is not specifically tested for use on alternative browsers, but generally works normally with other Chromium-based services.

AI Voice Generator is not available as a mobile app. You can still login to use it through the browser on an iOS or Android device, but for the best experience we recommend desktop use.

Please be sure to keep your browser and operating systems up-to-date. Older versions may be unstable or unsupported.

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