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Complete feature list for NaturalReader AI Voice Generator for commercial use

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Feature list and descriptions for the commercial version AI Voice Generator web app. All features are the same with each plan unless otherwise specified.

Studio Editor

Our powerful Studio Editor is easy to use, allowing you to create a script and download the audio quickly and efficiently. Edit or re-arrange text, adjust voice and speed settings, use Advanced Tunes, generate script with the AI Script Assistant, and download audio.

AI Voices

Convert audio using the standard AI Voices for up to 1,000,000 characters per day to the maximum of 6,000,000 characters per month. Some AI Voices support Voice Style options. Learn more about TTS limits here and language support here.

AI Voice Styles

Add emotions to bring your voiceover to life. Select AI Voices support Voice Style options, allowing you to set a specific emotional tone to their delivery.

LLM Voices

Convert audio using the LLM Voices for up to 100,000 characters per day to a maximum of 300,000 characters per month. LLM Voices include Multi-Lingual and Cloned Voices. LLM is a type of AI where the voices have context awareness. This gives you the best emulation of human speech available today. LLM technology also allows your Cloned Voices to be multilingual, being able to speak 29 different languages. Learn more about TTS limits here and language support here.

AI Script Assistant

Powered by ChatGPT, use the AI Script Assistant to generate script content, rephrase text, check for grammar, and even translate.

Advanced Tunes

Insert breaks or modify emphasis, pitch, and volume using SSML tagging. Some Advanced Tunes settings are not supported by all voices.

Pronunciation Editor

Use word substitution to correct, modify, or replace specific words, phrases, or acronyms. Select voices may be modified in the Pronunciation Editor settings using IPA characters.

Export Audio

Download audio to mp3 or WAV files at 44.1 khz. Download individual sections of text into separate files (mp3 or WAV) or combine your text into a single audio file (mp3 only).

Export Text

Download your script as a .txt file or as subtitles in a .srt or .vtt file format.

Project Library

Create, upload, manage, duplicate, or export your project files for easy management.

Team Library

Available while on Team plan only, Team Members can collaborate on projects saved in your Team Projects.

Dark Mode

Enable dark mode to modify the interface display theme.

Online Project Sync

Enabled by default, your projects are saved at frequent intervals and after every edit. As a web app, you can also login to your account to continue working on your projects from any supported device or browser.

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