Refund Policy (Commercial Version)

Refund policy for the commercial version AI Voice Generator

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Please keep in mind that as a subscription service, the payments are recurring by default. If you don't want to subscribe anymore, please cancel before your next billing date.

The auto-renew is on by default when you subscribe. You can turn the auto-renew off by cancelling your subscription. When you cancel, your paid access continues until the end of the current billing period.

Subscriptions to the commercial Single and Team plans to the NaturalReader AI Voice Generator are non-refundable and prorated refunds are not issued for unused time remaining on a plan.

If you had forgotten to cancel before your renewal date, please email as soon as possible and we will consider your refund request if the renewal is recent and no TTS (text to speech) activity has occurred in the account since the renewal.

It is essential that you keep track of your active subscriptions and contact us as soon as possible to be considered for a refund. Activity logs are removed on a frequent basis so usage cannot be verified after too much time has passed.

Providing high quality TTS voices, converting content to audio, and providing storage for audio consumes a great deal of resources. Downloaded content cannot be "returned" and it's simply impossible to stop users from continuing to use content already created while an account was active. For this reason, we strictly do not offer refunds for plans to the commercial version AI Voice Generator.

We ask that users try the app first with a free account before committing to a subscription. Free users can sample all the voices and basic features--the only thing you cannot do with a free plan is actually download the audio files. The audio that plays in-app is the exact same as what the audio will sound like when it's downloaded.

If you're not sure about subscribing, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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